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Everything in Its Context November 7, 2006

Posted by twilightandreason in African Americans, Black History, Blogroll, Higher Education.

It’s impossible to consider the future of African Americans in higher education with looking at the issues and concerns that are impacting educational choices and opportunities for Black people today. Similarly, the conversations surrounding the current state of Black people in America’s colleges and universities would lose much of their richness if the history of U.S. Blacks in higher education was not taken into consideration.

I am a history buff, a literature professor, and a geekier, possibly choosier version of the information junkie; I am addicted to research, to taking in, assimilating and, whenever possible, transmitting knowledge and ideas. Black on Campus is my latest vehicle for learning, sharing, and sometimes just thinking out loud about the  too often ignored Black History of higher education, about policies and prejudices, and people who shaped and are shaping the African American experience on college and university campuses. 

Posted by Ajuan Mance



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